In the early 70's she attended the "John McCrady School of Fine and Applied Arts" located in the French Quarter. Her music interests continued to grow and along the road many people took interest and lent a helping hand. The list is much to long to mention each, but here are some of note:

  Svare Forsland

  Doug Moore

  Jim Smedley

  Bill Mazzina

  "Harp" Mark Johnson

  Susie and Willie Nelson

  Lucinda Williams

  Lucinda spent time in Gayle's Washigton Ave, New Orleans apartment in the mid 70's. The photo of the apartment, at left... is from the sleeve of Gayle's CD, " One More For The Road "
  With the influence of many friends and musicians in her art and music, as well as the experience of being a native of New Orleans, Gayle has formed her own unique style and sound.
  Her musical roots reach deep into Folk and "real" singer/songwriter musicians...
  John Hartford sat and drew my portrait on a napkin in Eureka Springs at the Mud Street Cafe. He was a great Songwriter. An inspiration to thousands of other singer songwriters for decades to come. . .
He'll be ever... "Gentle on My Mind" and in My Heart
            Gayle de la Kruse
                        ..... [more memories]