Gayle de la Kruse "The Rose of New Orleans" was born on December 12th, 1951... in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her familly reaches back to the early 1800's and is steeped in Louisiana lore and traditions.

  Growing up in her native New Orleans she experienced many styles of musical influence in the "Gumbo" that The Cresent City has to offer. This inspired an unbridled push toward both Art and Music.

  Balladaire and also an Artist, Gayle has made her home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, for over 20 years and has performed across the country in many venues and festivals. She began "pickin" when her Daddy gave her a Gibson Acoustic at age 17. Her Mama played the piano and from the age of 4 or 5 music has been Gayle's best friend and constant compannion..... [ more]

Gayle's Mother ~ Margie King de la Houssaye  

Gayle's Daddy ~ Howard Louis de la Houssaye

Gayle has a new CD " One More For The Road "

  Influenced from a heritage of music Gayle holds near to her heart, her CD is made with the contribution of fellow musicians and friends. Along with the sweet ambience experienced in her solo gigs... She adds their talents to this mix. More can be found... [ here ]


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