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Here are some of the wonderful people on my album. Each with their talent contributed to make this project a reality.

Roger Johnson
Roger is one of those elusive musicians everyone wants to play with. I truly appreciate his gift and his talent. A Real Southern Gentleman. He plays Violin and Viola on this album.
A singer/songwriter and superb guitarist, Roger has a new cd...
"A Few Grains Of Sand"


Washboard Leo
I am very privilaged to have Leo on this CD. I love his acoustic washboard and can not thank him enough for giving his time to this project!

Courtesy of ...

Rockin Diamond Records


Chris Thomson
aka: "Blind Boy White"

"Eureka Springs Trolly Jazz Man".. A living legend in Eureka Springs and the Heartland. An outstanding performer, Singer and Blues musician. An all round best friend (He has a degree in Opera as well)


Keith Destry
aka: Doug Owen

A marvelous songwriter. An outstanding musician with two top ten hits to his credit. Keith also wrote "Good for You" and sang this duet with me. We co-wrote "For the Road". He plays Piano and Guitar and Composes.
Keith penned the top ten hit for Mo Bandy....
"Cowboy's Ain't Suppose To Cry"

Melody Melody Johnson
She sings with me on the songs "Red is the Rose" and
"Am I too Blue" on my new CD. I love the harmonies
we create when we sing together.
She is one of my Best Friends. I just Love her.

Robb Edgerton
I could not have finished this project if not for the expert assistance of this man. His gift, like so many others, came at exactly the right time. Robb enginered, co-produced, played keyboard and sang with me. A rare excessive talent.


Last... but not least! With unconditional love... Ghandi has supported me through this whole endeavor! Always with Love and a smile... truely a woman's best friend! 

I would like to thank my fellow musicians and all of my friends who have contributed to this effort and love of music. 

         ... Thank You


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